Born into a musical family, Osborn Toorn grew up in the rather interesting community of Reiger Park. His music career started at the tender age of 5, when he joined their family group “The Inspirations” They were presented with many opportunities to travel in and around Africa and several countries abroad. The group won numerous awards, one which included the Shell Road to Fame -Best new group award.

Osborn’s passion and love for music is embossed in his life and this can be confirmed by the presence of music in every area of his life, his family, work, spiritual life etc. Osborn has made music a way of life and very proudly characterizes himself as vocally able, through being graced with this talent by the Almighty.

In 1990, on special request from Sol Kerzner, he led a 1000 head children’s choir, in celebration of Sun City’s 10th anniversary. In 1998, he participated in the ATKV music competition and won the men’s category. Together with the Inspirations he released 4 albums which received extensive play on radio and television during the mid to late 80s and 90s. He has since pursued a solo career as O_so_T and has released singles which are currently enjoying airplay on several radio stations and dance floors. His passion for music has afforded him the opportunity to work with and alongside people such as: Sonja Heroldt; Malie Kelly; JB Arthur; Lionel Peterson; Rebecca Malope; Benjamin Dube; Dr. Vic & the Rasta rebels; DeepXcape; DJ Fortee; 3Elements; to mention but a few.

O_so_T has also worked on a concept EP, released under Soul Candi Records, with up and coming DJ and house producer DJ Kinetic. Their latest single “Shining star” is available as a free download and has enjoyed very good airplay.

Being a dynamic artist, he allows himself to creatively explore different elements; sounds; genres and forms of art.

He’s not one for putting limits on anything, and has openly admitted that for him, the sky is not the limit. He’s known by his fans as a trend setter, and as someone who pushes beyond the boundaries. So much so that he recently took up acting, and has already starred in several advertisements. O_so_T also plays one of the three leading roles in their “Shining star” music video.

O_so_T has in the past, and still today enjoys an overwhelming amount of support from his family, friends and fans, which has only further enabled his musical ability. He is very aware that the responsibility of maintaining his talent and the love and appreciation his family, friends and fans have shown for his talent includes humility, commitment and charitability. These are all characteristics that he plans to carry with him throughout his musical career.